Friday, 25 April 2014

Start of the Saga Demo board for expo,

Even before we'd finished the salute board I was already thinking about the board for Expo,

After the huge amount of work that had gone into the salute board we thought of what we could do to recycle one of the previous games we'd done and the brain wave was to use the saga game that I ran for the club back in March, some tweeking with regards to making it look pretty and we were good to go!

one of the guys managed to pick up a second boat and part of the deal to keep it was to paint some objective markers that would be used within the game,

After painting all the Russians I was looking forward to painting normal colours! 

so I've done 5 stands of villagers and 5 stands of livestock, and these are mixed in with the ones I've previously done, A close up of the villagers, real simple and quick paint job on these,

so all I need to sort out now is the extra ship and the actual beach head, and the board is pretty much sorted!