Thursday, 4 April 2013

The big unpack!

Don't worry my lovely followers the Anarchy hasn't gone dark!

So in the words of rastamouse, Wagwan?

Well I packed up the Mancave and was a surprised to see how much stuff I really had!

and it keeps coming....

So now I'm at the new place and the traditional put the stuff back together session has taken place..

And the GC's room is sorted....

So its now onto the mammoth task of sorting out the new Mancave, finding the box with the painting table in and cracking on with the Dark Angels working out the pledge for March (which I'm sure is an interesting one) and doing various odds and sods around the house. So there will be less updates than usual but once I'm back to "normal" then you'll see business as usual.

Also just a big thanks to the guys who helped me move on the day, So Spencer, Khris & Keith you've got front row at the BBQ!