Friday, 26 April 2013

5th Company Update and how to avert that spray disaster!

So after recovering from Salute and sorting out the rest of the Tactical marines to finish off the 6 Squads I managed to get cracking on with them and push through the pain barrier that I hit earlier in the month and played hours of Dawn of War 2, rather than painting green!

So the last odds and sods nearly finished just some skin and the effect and get then based and we're good to go for the squad numbers.

So whilst that lot was drying I decided to finish spraying the last of the devastator marines and start working on those next, But had a slight "issue".....

Either I over sprayed, the can was cold, I didn't shake the can enough, sprayed too close or just fluffed it up I managed to kill 2 Sargent's a "wound marker" and 2 heavy bolters!

So I deployed the detol and soak them for a couple of hours and some scrubbing with degreaser later....

Far better looking, so the spray didn't come off all together but gives me something to work with rather than a blob of paint that looks like a marine!

In the mean time I've been working on the stuff that I picked up on Saturday and managed to get it mostly painted up for the game of infinity that I'd arranged,

 So I got 5 crates, 5 barriers and a sat uplink model,and after a childless day managed to get them all done,

Add the compound set that I also had lying about and one can of ultramarine blue later the 4x4 was good to go!!

However the game didn't go my way at all and got stomped all over so its time to do some reading and suss out what the combined army can do!

I've also managed to suss out the pledge and this is where I'm currently standing...



So thanks to the terrain I've blasted the month of April but still have a lot of catching up to do for the month of feb, Better crack on with some 20mm T-34's!