Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Salute 2013

So once more myself and the happy band of people from Leicester Phat Cats wandered down to excel in London for the 2013 Salute show, mingled in with the superfit London Marathon runners registering for the race on Sunday.

Personally fair play to the people who do this, I'll happily admit I'm a lazy monkey so wouldn't last 500 meters!

Any way onto the Geeky stuff!!

So myself, Nick, Lee and Steve travelled down on the train and slogged it across town to get in the queue, once more the queue filled up fast and soon looped back on itself!

So as soon as we walked in I picked myself & Khris a Warlord open day ticket for July so we can actually learn how to play bolt action and have alook at all the other shiny stuff that they have!!

I only managed to grab a couple of snaps this year compared to my 50+ from previous years, the tables that grabbed my attention were steampunk type tables...

and another one that caught my eye was,

And what must be the first in 12+ years some of us managed to actually play a game!!

Coops giving Relic's a crack

Lee & Nick going for it with Saga, whilst Dan threatening to get his "weapon of mass destruction" out!

The painting compo was high quality as always and grabbed a couple of pics of the ones that I could get to but as always it was a bit of a scrum to get close and have a look,

I also wandered over to the mantic stand to have a mooch at the new teams that they've just put pictures up for and I've pre-ordered the robots and insects and they look superb in the flesh so I carn't wait for those to turn up!

but I did spot these....

and Amera were taking pre-order for the stadium,

Personally I'm not going to bother mainly on the amount of room that it will take up and for what ever reason it doesn't float my boat, Spencer compared it to playing in a bath which did make me smile!

I picked u my pre-orders for Battlegroup Overlord and the display tables looked stunning!!

We had a bit of a natter with Warwick and the chaps and I'm looking forward to getting a game of this in at some point!!

But that didn't stop Nick & Coops having a good thumb through the book for the lists and commenting on the points increase/decrease on certain units!

Overall the day was a good laugh but my legs/knees decided to give me a rough time part way through the day so didn't do the usual running around looking at random stuff.

I also only picked up a few bits and bobs which included...

3 20mm SU76m's from lancer miniatures
6 StuG's from PSC
some infinity type terrain from warmill

and that was it!! The shocker for me was no new system!! but nothing that I saw interested me but I did spot a up and coming game called timeline 300 by troublemaker games I was speaking to the guys on the stand for quite a while and the game has a nice twist that you gain coal points at the start of each turn and you can make units so like a table top RTS so I'll be keeping my eye on this one. Also the launch of new games tends to be going through kickstarter at the moment so is that going to change the industry was we know it??