Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hammerhead 2013, Gamecraft Goodies & dreadball!

Apologises for the delay getting these up, I've been a tad "busy"

So after arriving we set up the board that Adam designed and built, this was the first time I'd laid eyes on it due to work and the wonderful shift pattern that I work!

Personally I was very impressed with Adam's work and once more the Phat Cats Demo team represented well amongst the other WW2 tables that were around us,

The game was a particapation game so that we had enough stuff units that people could use stuff and there was half a dozen people who played the game which was good and loads of chatting to randoms that asked various questions thoughout the day,

anyway onto the pics.....

these are the final end game shots, I decided to go true Russian tank commander style and charge the gun line with what was left of the T-34's and the look on Nick's and Phils face was golden when they ended up in amongst the german battle lines! They all ended up burning but it prevented the germans securing the town and gave us a technical victory as they didn't get close at all!








I ordered some bits from gamecraft a while back for the gruntz game that I was planning, only after I ordered it did I read the delivery notes, i.e. it'll take some time! and now its arrived I had a chance to have a playabout with it before being packed for the house move!

So the radio tower and jersey barriers, not bad personally and will be ordering more once I've sorted out my new "cave" but that's not going to be for a while as I've quite a bit of work to do on the new pad.

So after painting 80 Russains in about 9 days I decided to have a bit of a chill painting wise and took my time on some dreadball Orx ready for a game this coming Thursday, not my best paint job but they'll do!

However with my really big brushes I have managed to sort out Isla's Room which is good as that leaves me with only the main bedroom to sort out,