Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hammerhead Russians & the Angels

So January arrived and disappeared in what feels like a heartbeat!

Its been quite hard to stay focused on painting this month as work has been quite mental and I've felt a bit in limbo with regards to gaming.

What I mean by that is because of my shift pattern at work I can only get a game in once every so often and that's killing my geek-fix but I'm sure I'll suss out a way to get round this and need to start travelling to other clubs on the various nights that they hold there gaming nights,

With hammerhead looming this coming weekend, I got quite a surprising text from Coop's "asking" me to paint a platoon of infantry and T34's!

well the T-34's were never going to happen due to Coops having my airbrush so I set to work on the infantry, and the limbo that I was stuck in soon disappeared!

I was planning on "taking my time" with the Russians to make them look pretty (who was I kidding) so with some banging music the brushes were deployed and away I went....

One infantry platoon done, with an additional command element that I'll use as a commissar or something like that!

the skirmish bases were made by warbases just for me ;) so when I see them on Sunday I'm going over to thank then for there awesome products! who knew that MDF bases could be so exciting!

The meadow flowers I got from army painter and nicked the idea from coops he did some of his 15mm Germans and they looked nice, if you want a pack I do these for £4 a pop,

so with that lot done miles before the deadline, I decided to give the infantry platoon some support options, and as usual got carried away....

So as well at the anti-tank gun team, a HMG and 2 infantry guns I cranked out another infantry platoon!  I didn't get the same "mix" with regards to the brown so these guys are a lighter colour, but as I washed them I had a thought ( which is dangerous for me..) and decided that the next platoon I'll do in Russian uniform green and mash it up for a rag tag look after all the same shade of brown would look boring!

now the scary bit is that that lot is only a mere 193 points, compared to the German infantry platoon at 100 points!  So Sunday should be a meat grinder of a game!

So whats going on with the Angels.....

Once I'd sussed out the technique with these guys they flew off the table! until I ran out of dark angels green, snot green & thrakka green ink!! So I'm sorting out a resupply with the new paints and should be getting on with these in a couple of weeks,

As it stands this is whats "left" for the angels...

so after this lot, I've a couple of tactical squads to sort out, some random heavy and special weapons for the tactical squads, then the 2 devastator and 2 assault and 8 drop pods so another couple of months(ish) and the 3K will be good to go!

So onto the "pledge"

Bought - 41
Painted - 61
Difference +20

good strong start for the new year but will be blown away by February's pledge due to the Russians for battlegroup, as I ordered the whole lot in one fell swoop! clocking in at 227 models! and have "only" managed to paint 80 models in the last week!

But with the new gaff being confirmed I'm now on decorating duty and currently cracking on with Isla's room,

The model painting will have to take a back seat whilst I get this and the main bedroom done over the next couple of weeks, then there is the mammoth task of packing up the house and sorting out the usual stuff when you move into a new place.

Oh and for those people who like me grew up with Rogue Trooper from the hallowed pages of 2000AD this might interest you...

Anyone want a spare kidney??