Friday, 5 October 2012

Codex chaos… it's so pretty!!

So I've got the delivery of the codex in…

And after having the usual flick though it does not disappoint!

The actual quality of the book is out standing! And if this is the standard that the 6th ed codex's will be at games workshop are going to give privateer press a run for there money!

There is plenty of fluff in the book and some nice art work.

So the actual body of the rules are quite tasty with an alternative warlord trait table and a lovely special rule of characters accepting and issuing challenges, if you drop a enemy character then you get to roll on a d66 table and get lots of cool stuff including spawnhood!

So all the usual stuff is in there, and the warsmith rules are nice a polar opposite of the tech marine where you get to shatter defences reducing the cover save by one, the dark apostles are chaos chaplains that can roll on the chaos boon table and if you want can reroll to avoid the spawnhood.

One thing that I have noticed is that obliterators have been calmed down, and when you choose the weapon then all the models in the unit must also have the same weapon, but you carn't use the same weapon two times on the bounce, but on a postive side you can now have an assault cannon but not a reaper cannon?

Combat version of them are basically the same, but with combat weapons.

So the 4 cult marines are now elites unless you take a names character that makes them troops or a chaos lord with the relevant mark,

The forgefiend & maulerfiend are nice with a cool once per game rule that means you can reroll wound and armour pen rolls. The marmite heldrake looks ok on paper but as I've not really read the flyers rules that much doesn't mean alot to me?

Dreadnoughts have been renamed to the helbrute, they've lost the crazy rules until you take a glance or a pen hit…

The bit that I am disappointed by is that there is no new named bad boys and no models for them either which is a load of rubbish personally!

On the flip side you have some cracking chaos artefacts with weapons that are just plain mental! As well as the usual daemonic mounts.

The psychic powers are great and loads of dirty tricks are already ticking over in the old head.

The cherry on the cake for me is that the wargear list is back, and gives you plenty of choice for chaps that can choose from the various sections,

So onto the actual army lists, plently of choice for the hq, only 2 troop choices one if them being cultists, the elites have a whopping 9 choices including the cult marines and looking at the noise marines they've lost the free combat knife, the sonic blaster is cheaper apart from that they look about the same so nothing too drastic.
The fast attack part has 5 options including the warp talons which are filthy rules wise but not cheap to take!

Heavy support rocks in with 9 options and the first sign of the flakk missles and I personally think there expensive at 10 points per man making the missile launcher cost 25 points and being more expensive than a las cannon.

Over all yep it's a good upgrade and I'm sure the old school chaos players will be happy with the codex, I'm itching to get the boys back out on the field and see what the results are!!