Friday, 15 July 2011

Khador support units & more!


I've had a couple of weeks off work which has been nice so spending lots of time faffing about with the Golden Child, but whilst the pigmy was sleeping I did manage to get some more Khador winter guard done in the form of 2 mortars and 2 field guns,

Close up of the field gun, I have noticed that the molded khador symbol is on the opposite shoulder to the other winterguard models though? which is strange??

Mortar close up, 

Overall not that hard to paint and was certainly alot easier than the normal winterguard guys, maybe I spent too long painting with the dip technique and speed of the results produce,

So next on the production line for the khador, shock troopers ready for spraying....

But these bad boys have been stripped using detol & swarfega (a degreasing agent that also leaves your hands feeling smooth and fresh!)

so the first model that I tried to strip....

After a bit of faffing about, and getting so cheap tooth brushes I managed to strip one back to this... 

So whilst I'm doing that lot I'll also be working on my cutlass gang and now I've had a couple of games I'll more than likely post a review of the system and share some thoughts and feeling on putting together a starting gang, and I'll also explain at a later date with the crazy colour scheme that I've gone for!! 

Also whilst on my way back from airsoft I popped into maelstrom games and picked up some secrets of the third Reich, I'd been tempted to pad out the Germans that I picked up years ago, but decided that I was going to go for the British as they appear to be the underdogs with the alternative history that has been wrote and there are some really cool unit rules as well as models.

now if this preacher does....

then I'm converting to god!! ;)

Leader of MI-13... more on this lot another time!

So after all that lot I'll be doing what is becoming a jack carpark.. I've picked up the conversion kit for black Ivan but just need a khador plastic jack to get him sorted,

On to the pledge....

So far its going quite well this month,

30 models bought and only going to pick up the khador jack and konvik joe so that should be it!

44 models painted so far I managed to boost the numbers with some epic that I blasted but all thats left for my epic is a reaver titan that I've managed to repair with some spare weapons, But the actual model count I think will be less than a 100 for this month unless I really shake a leg and get some hardcore painting in!!