Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Khador reinforcements for the motherland...

Well after the test piece and the new caster I've cracked on with some winter guard and a Spriggen, For some reason it was a bit of a chore to get the winter guard done.

Could it be the lack of alternative poses or that the celts that I'd done recently where so random I just painted what ever I wanted? With these being more uniform the grind of the production line did give me flash backs when I painted a guard army once!

The Spriggen I painted in parts so that I could get into the tight spots and make it look nice, but I'd forgotten how pants khador metal jacks are to put together! I could have done with a spot welder at some points! and the lance arm is slightly wobbly so I'm more than likely gonna have to pin that.

But at least it weighs enough to KO someone when they get on your tits and tell you how to play your army!

So the whole lot so far... 

Max size infantry unit with officer and standard with 3 RPG'ers, just waiting for a bloke called Joe to turn up ;)


Close up of a normal chap, I wanted to keep the colours fairly earthy and not have that many "flashy" parts to represent the conscript look, Think of enemy at the gates where they get one rifle between two!

 The other side... 

The standard, I wasn't too sure about the red, but once it was done it stood out like a beacon for the army to rally around... Or for the enemy to aim at! 

So the Spriggen, I've not touched the Khador since Mk1 and even then it was only once in a while thanks to a regular drubbin from a menoth player, So with all the Khador bits and bobs its like learning them all over again! 

I wanted to keep the scheme fairly basic but the camera doesn't pick up the highlighting well, 

I tried a normal light to show the underside as it was quite dark but now it looks like its walking towards flames! would make a great project for directional lighting (but I'm way too lazy for that!)

The other side.. 

So the 144th Assault Company is coming along nicely and eventually I'll be aiming for a 50 point list that I can use at the nationals next year so that'll involve 3 casters and plenty of play testing!

So if there are any Khador players out there what you add next??