Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dystopian Wars - Painting the Prussian Naval Battle Group

Well I'm gonna blame this all on Coops.....

As he fancied a game of Dystopian Wars made by Spartan Games the same chaps who have done firestorm armada and uncharted seas, so as I know how the system works I decided to dive right in and pick up a fleet box, I was gonna pick up the brits but various people have threatened to pick up the Prussians but none did so I went for it,

after having a mooch about on the spartan games forum and looking at the various painted fleets I decided to basically paint them roughly as the box art as well as how this chap has done them....

Ologotai's Prussian Fleet

so I started with the usual black spray:

Then a heavy wet brush of the foundation Adeptus Battle Grey

Add a bit of codex grey

then Pick out the metal bits with bolt gun & chaos black mixed together

then go back over the metal with just bolt gun, and snakebite leather for the wooden decking

highlight the decking with tausept ochre (stupid bloody name!)

Pick out the detail with Brassy Brass 

Ink with Badab Black and your done! Now I might add some zigzag lines on the model but I'll do that at a later stage maybe!

So as I was doing the one model I did the usual "Anton" thing and did the whole lot in one fell swoop, I'm sure some of the chaps down the shop & club will be surprised or maybe not? but I picked these up at 8pm last night and by 2pn today they were done, and that included 6 hours with the Golden Child!

One of the smaller ships, you get 9 in the box

Large Ship, you get one in the box, the reason for the missing weapon system is that you can swap out one of the turrets for a special forcefield type thing, something that I'll suss out once I've played a game with them,

I also picked up one of the new capital ships and its huge compared to the others! 

And a floating skyfortress airfield!

overall the models are pretty good with not a great deal of flash and not found any major miscasts so far, so doing better than GW's "finecast" LOL price wise the naval fleet is about £25 and the big ship & zeppelin was around the £12 mark so not a great deal if you consider the actual quality and the overall size,

So there you go nice and easy and you could easily do the same colour scheme for red scorpions for 40K, but I've never sussed out why there grey and not red?

I'm still working on the secrets of the third Reich stuff and "hopefully" I should have most of that done by the end of the month.