Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Salute 2019 & the April Round up!

Well salute has been and gone and boy was it fun!!

So this year Phil had the master plan of doing This is Not a Test, a game that we both like however sadly don't always get the time to play due to various reasons.

So before I start on the all the pics go over to the website check it out, buy something or hell down load the free quick start rules!


or if your lazy like me watch Ash over on youtube walk you through the rules!

this is not a test how to play

So the traditional pre victory salute Pic! 

A lot of people waiting to come in! 

and a cheeky pick up before the main doors opened, This however wasn't for me! 

So pics of the TNAT table, it was a combo of Anton's length as well as some bits that Phil had knocked up and all together it looked bang on!

Loads of random models from all sorts of systems! 

and we were in a pretty good spot on the corner of 2 main walk ways so had plenty of traffic throughout the day 

So during the afternoon I managed to have a walk around and took pictures of plenty of tables, however Mel the Terrain Tutor did an excellent vid of the tables and you actually see me!

The Terrain Tutor Salute 2019 round up

I didn't get any details with regards to clubs games etc I was going for pure terrain porn and boy did the guys and girls deliver!

This one made me laugh quite a bit and I spent a good time chatting with the guy and even managed to avoid the political discussion! 

This particular one was a hidden gem, all converted and so much detail it was insane. Loved it!! 

The rest of the Phat Cats were helping out on the Gringo's 40 table and snagged best in show! 

Mel doing his meet and greet at the warlord stand

This mental set up was next to us and was busy all day and quite rightly so! I loved flash gordon as a kid and the workmanship that went into this was insane! 

So the usual "Loot" was pretty tame with picking up mortal gods and that was about it! 

So onto the the pledge for the month of April.....

Painted - 0 yep that's right I completed no models for the month of April!!

Bought - 83

Difference - 83

shocking I know however a number of "problems" came up this month so I wasn't fully focused on hobby time more survival!

However that has now all been sorted out so par one more situation its business as usual!!

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