Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 - The Master Plan

New Year, New stuff!!

Well I'll be glad to see the back of 2018 to be quite frank! However 2019 is still gonna be a rough one real life wise so I'm going to make sure that I try and remain positive.

The way that I'm going to try and do this is getting my geek on!

Lets start off with the usual "hobby pledge"

Finish off the World Eaters "Avon Calling" drop assault force:
  • This is simply a case of 2 anvillus dreadclaws, 2 kharybdis assault claws and a javelin land speeder

Finish off my Adeptus Titanicus stuff:

  • That would be 2 warhounds and 6 knights (unless more cool stuff comes out!)

Finish off the Algoryn for GoA:

  • All the vehicles basically that I picked up at the end of 2017, roughly about a dozen models. 

As with all gamers its a new year new army type of thing however this one has a twist!

  • Death Korps of Kreig - Leicester All Scars have a slow grow campaign that I've signed up for so that should keep me going nicely. 

  • Solar Aux - I'm going to be attempting a buy & paint approach to these guys, now if this pays off then I can slowly build up the army in units. I can also proxy stuff and see how it works before giving reach arounds to fund this one! 

  • World Eaters Armoured Breakthough rite of war themed list - I know it doesn't fit the fluff and all that jazz however for the rule of cool and how good my command rhino and venator turned out the armoured force should look super sexy. I can also use the "claws" to zap my crazy mofo's about! 

  • Night Goblins / Moonclan/ Gloomspite Gitz: I've already a solid chunk of infantry so adding another 60 spear chaps and the new funky stuff should do! 
Yep thats right its all GW! unless something distracts me these will be my mainstay projects, And we all know that's gonna happen the question is how long can I last!

The "Pledge"

as it has now become tradition this will continue into 2019 however the first three months are going to be a test of my spending power and setting myself a budget rather than going balls deep as I usually do!

The anniversary:

The Anarchy of Anton is 10 years old this year! 


So to celebrate this fact its time for another mega build in the form of Razak the Reaver! Yep my missus bought me a Reaver titan for xmas so this will work perfectly for 30K/40K super heavy support. However with an air brush thing time round I've a feeling that it's gonna be alot easier than to brush paint like I did with Bob back in the day.

I plan on starting this in August this year so as long as I don't get distracted too much it should be a nice homage to the beginning of this blog back in the day.

Now what I would love is 4 warhounds to go with the Reaver so I can do a Mandible in 28mm scale....

Now with all this "I wanna do this and that stuff" I didn't want to leave the newest tool in my hobby life out of the master plan. So for the Prusa its going to continue the zone mortalis board and as a little "cheeky" one I've started test printing parts for a certain super heavy walker that would compliment the reaver nicely!

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