Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 here we go! - Bromites and The Road to Tarssis 4

In the words of the best army in the whole of the games workshop lore...

so 2018 is underway and the models are already being rolled out from the painting table despite operation Don't Kill the GC 2018 Edition Christmas watch about to come to an end!

So what have I managed in the first week?

I decide to start off with some Gates of Antares bromites larvamite swarms,

I decided to try something different with these guys and went from a black and dry brushed upto a white, then I used a load of the army painter inks that I picked up from Weekend Warlords and decided to have some fun!  

how these guys have come out, I'm really happy with and they look far better than my original unit that I painted a while back so I've tempted to revisit those models!

however I've a bit more of a pending target with a doubles 30k weekend coming up at some point which if I think I'm right its the 20th Jan!

11 days to paint this lot....

best get cracking on eh!