Sunday, 16 July 2017

Winter weathered Cygnar - Warmachine

One of the guys at the club asked me to crack out some stuff for him, Normally I don't bother with painting other people stuff as I have more than enough to keep me occupied however Joe's a good lad so I figured why not!

The original brief was WW2 style Americans and that mutated into a whitewash looking jack heavy army...

To be honest this threw me out of my comfort zone as I'd never tried that type of look before so off to you tube I went and after a few hours of learning new stuff I decided to go for it!

So the first batch, mainly all jacks, according to Big Joe this is a bit of a naughty list? means bugger all to me! 

The goblin guys were cool to paint and I made the skin colour a little lighter than I would normally do, the gamble paid off! 

No idea on the names of the jacks, but the same paint scheme was applied to each one and Joe's happy with them so all is peachy! Now its onto the infantry so I'll do that in units so I don't lose the will to live!

as "payment" I'm getting hold of a faction that's caught my eye,

not sure on the colour scheme yet so might have a mooch on google images and see what catches my eye!