Sunday, 2 July 2017

June The Pledge, Crash and burn baby!

Well no easy way of looking at this month!

Bought : 139
Painted : 19

Difference : -120!

Yea I might have gone a bit bonkers on 8th Edition and got a load of pox walkers and not forgetting about the eldar they increased in the ranks as well.

Add on the fact that the weather has been scorching for the second half of June turning the geek room into a sauna I've done bugger all!

However rather than dwell on the doom and gloom at least I now have in incentive to get some stuff done with my blood and plunder Spanish that need doing by next weekend and the Derby show rapidly approaching so that's the K47 Russains that need cracking out.

Also with a 1000 point 40K torney over at Weekend Warlords I'm gonna be looking to field a fully painted force and maybe just may be I can get some "man points" for a nicely painted army!

Oh did I mention that school holidays start in two weeks.....

Operation Don't kill the GC will be great fun, now to try and teach her to airbrush......