Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Salute 2017

So a few weeks agao I wandered down to Salute at the excel centre and had a nose about,

This was the first time in a while that I'd gone as a punter and it was a long weekend with some of the guys rather than the mad London dash in one day.

As we spent a couple of days in London I had a wander around and looked at various places, however your here for the pictures so here we go! 

Now I've not put them in any particular order, also due to me being a lazy bloke at the moment some of the pictures are not in order, also I didn't take notes of who was running the games so apologises in advance to all the clubs and individuals who put on some lovely looking tables,

So queuing with the riffraff, something I've not done for about 5 years! 

Operation take the piss out of Nic achived.....

First table that we hit, and it was superb!

Something I've been looking at for ages, just need to splash the cash!

the use of carpet tiles for this was a cracking idea, really liked it!

the usual Salute liquid lunch, the spending got a little more carless in the afternoon!

I really liked this set up, really simple but the height really made it stand out,

Manic's walking dead, Yea might have picked this one up!

not sure why this was at salute....

this one certainly caught my eye and it looked impressive

The RAF boys once again putting on a superb looking table

The HALO stuff I'm really tempted by,

found this mofo!

well these look familar.....

oh and so do these......

Nick trying to find my Salute pick up order.....

And that was that a lovey end to a lovey day

getting some food, the service was shite, food amazing!

Killing some time before the bus home, we thought it would be a good idea to wander around London on the day of the marathon, oh and found the dragons den!

All the toys!

and a very excited GC!

And that was Salute 2017, Really busy show loads of people, tables were not particularly mind blowing. The odd one was the ooohh factor but it feels like its more about the shopping rather than the gaming.