Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Chillcon 2017

So this was another new show for me,also the furthest that I'd travelled north for a show!

For this one we dug out the AvP temple board, it also gave us a chance to have a mooch at the new wargames rules that Lee picked up at Salute,

Lee doing his thing!

Pics of various tables within the same room, 

And some tables from the "trader" room  

This time bandits game looked superb, the amount of detail was superb

And back to the tables in the demo/ open play room


a view of the demo room, 

The bolt action torney

The view of the trade hall,

I managed to have a good mooch about and grabbed the following bits for the ongoing but not yet started this is not a test board!  


I also found these funky looking models and they cost bugger all!!  

Plently more choice on the web site four a miniatures

So overall thoughts on Chillcon considering it was the first one is that it was a bloody good effort, still a few things to work on but the board was busy during the day and a reasonable amount of people were mooching about.

were you at Chillcon, if so what were your thoughts?