Friday, 9 December 2016

Zombie Astronauts!

In my usual "Anton" manner I tend to pick up all sorts of random bits when I'm at shows that I wouldn't normally consider buying if sat in my pants in front of my PC.

Usually the random models that I pick up never see the light of day however today is not that day.

a quick splash of paint and before you can Negan boom they are sorted! 

really simple to paint and the white I did roughly the same as the firestorm and dropzone models a while back.

Gaming wise I'm thinking of using the for This is Not a Test on the pure basis of the rule of cool, and recently the European package has cleared UK customs so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I can flick though the rule book on the throne!

along the same lines I've been faffing about with some bits I came across whilst cleaning out the geek room and threw these together,

I've not ordered any of the MDF kits that I was looking at however Tim did and has told me that they are really nice so once I've cleared a bit more stuff out and have enough in my paypal I'll go shopping!

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