Saturday, 5 November 2016

This is not a Test crew,

Never heard of this is not a test? 


While back whilst wandering the wastes of you tube I came across a guy called Ash from Guerrilla miniatures games, He's done a few battle reports and one of them was from a system called this is not a test.

I've always liked the post apocalyptic setting mainly due to mad max and films of that cheese factor, So a while back the chap who came up with This is Not a Test did a small kickstarter so that he could print a rule book. The initial goal was a couple of grand and the project finished on 43K!

As the project has been delayed a couple of months as all kickstarters do now days I've had an update that the package for the UK distribution is stuck in customs so once that gets sorted I should have my book and some random models hopefully by xmas!

whilst I've been waiting for this to rock up I picked up some bits from Macrocosm and splashed some paint on them,

The next bits I'll be working on will be a 4x4 table, I'll mix up some of the previous terrain that I've done from the GoA table and the pipework that I've recently finished off. I'll add some American style terrain and already spotted these on the E of the bay thanks to my goggle search engine Mr Smith!

The only expensive spend will be a FatMat that has a desert look to it.

Apart from that the odd bit of scatter terrain that I'll pick up here and there and it should be sorted, as usual I'll put up some work in progress posts as and when I get stuff done.

Anyone got any gems of links for scatter terrain and the like?