Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The pledge!

So here we are in the in final months of 2016 and lets see where we are with regards to the pledge!

Bought - 10

Painted - 31

this month mainly consisted of adding to the 30K Mech force as I'm on a personal promise to paint what I've got before I buy more which worked for the Emperor Children and appears to be working for the Mech,

I also managed to get some more Americans for bolt action and K47 done as well.The wild card for this month was a new force for GoA in the form of freeborn that I cranked out in a couple of days, more on this in a later post!

So with two months left lets have a look where I'm at with the pledge overall,

year so far painted - 566

year so far bought - 138

differance +428

so my buying has drasticly dropped! I would say its self control but I doubt thats the actual case! actual painting wise its about half of what I painted last year, but I've been simply chugging along and not worrying too much about the actual numbers I'm doing simply focusing on complete projects and finishing off some random bits that I've stumbled across.