Friday, 9 January 2015

Spectre Minitures African Militia

At the start of the year Gary from All Scars put a challange on the Phat Cats page where you pledge a unit for the month and you try and get that painted, you then repledge the following month and and so on,

So for this month I decided to make a start on one of my challanges for the year and pledged 10 African militia, nice and easy to be honest, and after I blasted out the first 10 I thought I might as well keep going as I'm gonna be playing the "bad guys" for spectre.

So you've a right mishmash of stuff in there para-military, warlords and big men and bog standard cannon fodder!

Overall these are quite easy to paint and due to the rag-tag look were quite nice to mix it up and use colours that I wouldn't normally use.

It'll be intresting to see how many people manage to stick it out as for things like this you get loads of people intrested and you soon thin out the men from the boys!

I'm planning on being one of the last men standing at December 2015!!