Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 The master plan!

Well after recovering from a cracking crimbo with the tribe, I had some time to think about what I want to get sorted out for this year,

So this is the "masterplan" no doubt this will chop and change though out the year depending on what I'm playing and what shiny models float my boat!

So the usual pledge will be done, its been for a while and its becoming quite successful from a personal perspective, forcing me to keep ahead of the painting and considering what to burn my money on!

So after learning from last years list, this list is much shorter and I'm aiming for 100% completion rate for this,

Paint up the Specture stuff,
Build a 3x3 specture table,
Finish the Hordes Everblight force,
Kings of War, Kingdom of Men Middle East theme, at least 3 units,
Crescent & Cross Saracens,
Martian Front Humans

So onto system and new armies....

One of the systems that is catching my eye at the moment is,

I've been on the fence on this one for a while and after downloading the beta rules I'm quite impressed and even noticed some of the bits that myself and Nick jigged about in the original play testing, I'm getting a game in on the 15th Jan at Loughbrough Dice Devils and I'm really looking forward.

I'm still tempted by Judge Dredd as I've had seen a number of people recommend it and actually state that its better than necromunda! 

and today River Horse decide to put this naughty nugget of info up!

So this will definitely be on this like a tramp on chips!! 

Armies wise, I took full advantage of the discount code that Tor Gaming was pimping out at the end of the year and ordered a sizable chunk of Nuem and Vaettir.

Other than that I'm keeping an open mind gaming wise, I've a cubic ton of kickstarters rocking up in the form of...

War & Empire
Merc's Recon
Dungeon Saga
Kings of War V2

so a hefty list!!

Whats your master plan for 2015?