Sunday, 19 May 2013

Using RTV silicone and making your own molds,

Recently I've been going to a club over in Coalville ran by a chap called Andy, as he's a one man band and a great chap I decided to help him out with some scenery for the lads that play 40K over there.

So I ordered some jersey & K barriers so that I could recast them and provide some waist high scatter terrain.

So after sticking the bits to a piece of spare plasticard,

I built a lego wall around it and smeared Vaseline to seal the cracks,

now normally you would work out the volume that you would need to mix but the place I got the RTV from didn't have that info on the technical sheets and didn't comeback to me via the email on there website, so I decided to simply "wing it" and give it a crack, One of the chaps that I play against on a regular basis suggested making a vacuum box to get rid of the air bubbles and all that jazz, but I'll look at that another time.

So after some guess work I used about 350g of mix and in a moment of madness managed to use all the catalyst! even though the ratio was 100:1.5 so I'm now on the hunt for more!

If I'd enough lego I could have done the crates as well but that can wait till another day, So popping the mold was quite tricky as I didn't want to rip it but after some work it came off,

So I poured the first cast and waited a good 90 minutes before popping the bits as the energy barrels would take a while to set, as as usual mixed too much plaster so I had a spare mold and one of Isla's sand molds to hand!

So the first casting compared to the originals, overall I'm very happy with these and a nice quick paint job and it'll provide some simple scenery,

One thing that I wasn't happy with was the energy barrels and with a little playing about I did this,

So I'll paint them yellow and I'll get a nice looking scream supply dump and post up some pic's.