Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Slacking.... Anton style....

Well I've managed to get bugger all done in the last two weeks....

this is mainly to do with being a lazy ass and catching up on all the American hotrod & choppers that I've missed, thrown in with a bit of "V" the new series and that put an end to painting for a while!

However  every cloud has a silver lining and thanks to some ambush alley action against Dave a couple of weeks ago I decided to grab myself a crashed huey from the battlefront range and use this as a day of the rangers objective for the downed super six four black hawk, so that shouldn't take me long to bang out... (in theory)

But whilst grabbing a little bit of me time inbetween "real life" I've stumbled across some real gems...

anyone got $350 spare??


this looks awsome! a real contender for a titan size warmachine for 40K!

Orcy combat power claws...


nicely done and they also have some funky looking swords as well.

but this one really has got me thinking.....


Grotesque? replacement... either that or a oblit conversion waiting to happen!

But the real surprise over the last couple of weeks was the response to the venom conversion I posted some pic's on heresy online as well as warseer and From the warp wanted a collaberation post with regards to the dark eldar some how I managed to clock over a thousand hits from that one artical alone! now in geeky terms thats made me well proud!


  1. Certainly some inspriational bits on those web site, but: oh my, the leviathan is incredible. Let me know if you get a donor for the $350 ... maybe they'll help the rest of us out! hehe.

  2. I definitely appreciated the walkthrough on the Venom conversion. I ended up (mostly) following your directions and made one of my own. I was surprised how easily it went together, actually. Keep up the great work!

  3. Slacker ... lol. Kids is weird ... try starting to paint in front of the TV ... It'll keep you busy.

  4. a donor... hummm I'll have to work on my giglo skills for you on that one ;)

    Glad you found them easy to follow Mordian7th,

    paint in front of the tv! na I like to chilling to music if I painted in front of the tv I'd get nothing done I go into a zombie state!