Monday, 20 December 2010

Raiders of the lost archon...

well its been an intresting week....

Came down with a wicked cold that knocked me off my feet workwise and gaming wise, I had to cancel three games! thats a rare moment for me.

but I did manage to get a bit of painting done

 Now for what ever reason I decided to paint the three raiders at the same time? and they look "ok"

tabletop wise they'll look fine, when you look at them up close the ink didn't quite have the effect that I wanted, and the big flat panels where a ball ache to get right, as for the white sail I tried it quite a few times keeping the paint watered down but the actual brush marks made it look shit, so I decided to ink it with green and then use a sponge to give it a mottled look.

I might go back to then and do bits here and there but I just wanted to get them knocked out really, 

Now these guys where lovely to paint, and after spencers suggestion with the horns on the helmets aka get rid of them, I think these look so much cooler!

So a 99% finished lilith just go to do the flag on the base and she's good as done, might use her as a witch leader though as she's crap against T4 space marines! 

 and the Archon just the base to do and again he's done and dusted!

So after a three week break, the "machine" is back, just in time for a shag load of time off work over the crimbo period, that should give me enough time to get finished what I've been meaning to do for a while...