Friday, 12 November 2010

Dark Eldar Warrior Test model

Well it was going to happen as soon as I could get my grubby little hands on them!

So after sticking togeather all the bits and bobs that I've managed to get I decided to get a test model painted up, now I used to collect Dark Eldar a long long time ago and these where a nice dark purple, the Incubi I painted in a dark red and I remembered how cool they looked at the time, so I decided to follow the old school path and go really dark red,

Step 1

Spray black & when dry scab red as the first coat, now the trick with this point is don't worry about being too neat and getting the paint into all the creases and folds of the model (you'll see why later)

Step 2

Red gore over the armour nice harsh highlights on this bit...

Step 3

Blood red edging highlight I keep mine a little watery so that I could semi-blend

Step 4

Ink the armour with Badab Black, and once thats dry I started on the detail, Brassy Brass for the Brassy bits and chaos black and boltgun for the first coat of the normal metallics

Step 5

Highlight the brass bits with Brassy Brass & chain mail. Highlight the dark boltgun with chainmail, and I did the skin loin cloth with dwarf flesh highlighted with bleached bone

Step 6

Ink the non armour areas with Devlan mud and I decided to go for a desert themed base as I was getting bored of "normal" looking bases and the lightness of the base is a complete opposite to the darkness of the model so I think it suits it well.

I was tempted to go down the resin route with regards to bases but I'm still in two minds on that one, also I showed Spencer some pictures earlier via my phone and he's suggested painting the oval chamber thing near the rear of the gun in a differant colour, agree or disagree??

Anyhow hope you found the above useful and as always comments welcome,