Monday, 11 January 2010

Roll Call

After I posted the other day only did I start thinking how much of my chaos do I have painted??

Now for those who know me, I've a Thousand Sons legion that was rock hard in 4th Ed, poor old Ross I'm sorry mate for whupping your ass every game! NOT :)
However they seemed to have lost that edge in 5th Ed due to the fact that they walk everywhere and the 4+ invunerable that made them quite special well thats everyone's cover save now so that put them on the shelf for a while!

So I decided to get out the stuff that is painted only and I surprised myself! there's alot of it!

So  the whole lot...

The thousand son's....

The Death Guard.....

The Termi's

One of the Thousand son's dreadnoughts, and some deamons in the background

The other thousand son's dreadnought and the infamous spawn behind him!

My Favourite tank! I like my Vindi's!

Bit of a closer shot of the "sons"

there is two models missing though...

Typhus & the warhound, these pair are sitting in the Gifts for Geeks display cabinet, hopefully this year the noise marines will make an apperance and I can get a couple of those squads painted up!