Friday, 17 March 2017

30K 13th Legion - The Ultramarines

New year new army any all that jazz!

For those guys that have known me for a while this is shocker number 2 for the year so far!

I had a look about in the local scene and no one does the Ultramarines, only one lad half mentioned but nothing had come of it so I decided to take the plunge with the burning of prospro set and use the Mk3 marines along with some other bits and bobs

I started with a 8 man tactical support squad armed with plasma guns, bit of a risk for gets hot but hey I play orks so I'm used to risk! 

then the meat and potato's of the army with two squads of tactical marines, I'm still to do the Sargent's so these will appear later. 

command element in the for of a couple leader guys and a master of signal because he's a dirty model and you can choose a command rhino as a transport option for the Ulramarines!

The breacher I'm undecided on might simply use him as the sarg for breachers that are on the shopping list.

I wanted to try out some allies in the form of custodes and I acquired a second unit and splashed some paint on them, I wasn't convinced with the sigmarine style gold armour so decided to go for a brass type colour. To tie these in with the Ultramarines I opted for a blue rather than a red for the top knots and on the shoulder pad.

and finally Robbie G himself, doubt he'll get much table time but I figured  what the hell! However I'm tempted by the 40K version I'd like to see the model before I drop my pennies on him though.

The usual group shot, this lot has taken me about a month so I'm happy with the overall look, 


So next lot addition's for these guys will be a 10 man assault unit, and rhino transport for the lot. I'm avoiding the forgeworld rhino as the cost will be far too much for a 35 point model! 

Any Ultramarine players wanting to give me some tips!

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