Friday, 17 April 2015

Not enough play time..

I like to play various systems, after all variety is the spice of life! However I'm starting to feel that I have too much spice in my gaming life and let me explain why..

Over at Leicester Phat Cats we've sorted out a day of gaming on the 9th May where we've hired the hall and its an open session to bring what you want and play, and this is where I've had a reality check with regards to gaming.

I really don't have enough time to play what I've actually got early retirement would be brilliant but I think Nadine would have something to say about that!

Now I could go hardcore and only play one or two systems on a regular basis but I'd find that boring after a while so about 5-7 systems is probley a number to have on your shelf so that you can circulate them over a few months.

So for a while I've been threatening to shift some stuff that I've not used for a while and for a variety of reasons I've not really got rid of anything, its been a combination of laziness and the classic "I really like that system" so I want to keep it.

And this is where I encounter my dilemma as a gamer/plastic crack addict, I'm happy to drop 50 quid onto a "ohh that looks nice" skirmish system or set of models however if I've not used those models for a while and in some cases never! so I shove them in a box and forget about them.

So with that thought in mind I've decided to take the first steps towards a big clear out and all those work in progress projects that never really got any where are going to go first,

However I've decided to go for cold hard cash as there is no point trading as I've got plenty of stuff already, question is what do I aim to get with all these extra pennies....

Yep a shiney new desk so that I can replace the ones that I inherited a fair while back, loads more room to have more crap kicking about!

With getting rid of dead projects I also need to maintain my focus on self control which is easier said than done with the internet in my pocket and kickstarters and indigogo showing off model porn every month, add to the fact that I'm attending more shows that previous years either demoing for Prodos or the Phat Cats so I'm surrounded by "cool stuff" in the words of the borg Resistance is futile.

So the question to the masses would be do you horde your stuff or can you let it go when you no longer have the spark or passion for a particular system?