Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Your painting area, does it reflect your gaming habit......

As I rushed around trying to get ready for work the other day and got a barrage of abuse that my painting table was a bomb site!

I am inclined to agree but the crazy thing is I know where everything is on the table! unless I'm looking for a paint that seems to evade my eyes and its sitting right in front of me!

Example being if you look at the above to the untrained eye aka Nadine its a shithole however let me walk you through is...

It started life as a computer desk... but when I was bought a big stonking monitor to play warcraft on (For the Horde!) it was to be my new painting table...

Area 1:

Where the "magic" happens no its not the bedroom but the only clear space that I have to paint! With brushes shoved at the back general shit on the right and right underneath the trays of paints that slide out, where the keyboard would normally go...

Area 2:
The world famous bathroom tile that has seen every type of army painted (and survived longer than all my ex's!) and more than likely still has the paint on it! As a good friend of mine said if you chopped it in half you'd be able to count the layers like a rings on a tree! and just to the left of that is another shit dumping area normally where brushes go to die, I think the one that hit me the most was my trusty windsor and newton brush that had a run in with some superglue, not a pretty sight!

Area 3:
Part of the "Mexican" production line, i.e. I stack em and rack em on this bit then rinse and repeat on the next bit, help keep them out of the way....

Area 4:
Basing stuff, cork and the like,

Area 5:
when not taking pictures to put on the Blog I use a book with a piece of paper to protect it and shove the semi-painted stuff on there I think it of the "whats next to be painted" area. On the back wall I also have my colour theory circle as well as the gameswork shop thicko guide to highlighting and shading using there paints, the only reason I keep that up there is I tend to experiment when starting a new project, that's how the noise marines came about!

Area 6:
Stuff I really wanna get painted but can't either be arsed or have been distracted by something else, but read on with regards to this...

Area 7:
Glue, Dice, stat cards and general odds and sods

Area 8:
The really big dump zone!! or models that are yet to make it onto the whats next to be painted bit....

Now I'll agree there is a lot of wasted space but hell its works for me, but does the "chaos" of my painting table reflect my gaming habit i.e. collecting stuff and painting?

I'd have to say yes to be honest, I'm constantly chopping and changing what I want to play with and paint, I'm always looking at new systems and new armies for the the ones that I play on a regular basis, Take my Skorne for example I painted a 35 point army in about 5 weeksish and I've not played a proper game with them much to the protest of some of the guys that I know, and jumped feet first into a retribution force!

But with the year rapidly drawing to a close I've decided to use whats left of it to finish off started projects so in no particular order this is what I'll be attempting to do....

The ever growing Chaos.. I'm not going to bother with the khorne berzerkers as originally planned as there crap on the table unless you put them in a land raider! but for the rest:
Lucius & three noise marines
10 Chosen
10 Possessed
2 forge world nurgle dreadnoughts
1 forge world slannesh dreadnought
1 nurgle rhino
1 defiler

Warhammer Orc's & Goblins...
a couple of individuls shammy & warboss
a unit of really old school night goblins with bows
base the whole army with magnets and the like

Finish of the deamonettes including the mask
Herald of khorne on jugger
Forgeworld Herald of khorne on foot
soul grinder

so that's the plan assuming that I can stay away form the dark eldar when they get released next month, I'm really trying to wait for the Legion Codex to come out but go knows when that's going to be as I kinda expected to get some "mutter from the gutter" but GW aren't letting anything out....

At the moment I'm also starting to make some space as I'm going to need it for Barbie's dream house so as I get rid of my stuff that I don't use the bits that I like I'll post up..

Today its Dream pod's 9 Heavy gear blitz!

Myself & Spencer started collecting this stuff a while back and the actual models are really cool with the battlesuit/mech warrior/ anime feel to then the only negative thing was the price, I'll be honest there not cheap and when I asked various questions on the forums with regards to the rules the "community" was a bit snotty and rude to be honest,

The Naga has to be one of my favourites as it reminds me of ED209 but with really big guns!

anyway if your intrested the link for the auction is .. Heavy gear

And one last thing is that I've been accepted onto the blog roll for table top gaming news so check out some of the other blogs on the website, loads of cool looking stuff for all sorts of systems!

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as always cheers for your time and drop any comments below,